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The Search For Regional Stability in the Indo-Pacific with Former PM of Australia

        The Indo-Pacific is one of the most complex and strategically important regions in the world. Yet despite the economic growth potential in the region, there are also significant challenges and tensions. Regional security arrangements, such as the Quad and AUKUS, contribute to promoting stability in the region, yet are also fraught with controversies about their impact. To discuss the various factors that contribute to instability in the region, as well as the potential, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and former CNN Seoul correspondent and now Ambassador for Cultural Cooperation, Sohn Jie-ae sit down for a fireside chat.

        John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, remarked that the provision of nuclear-powered submarines and related technology to Australia by the United States is a result of the longstanding trust between the two nations. He acknowledged that despite the backlash from China and France, Australia has consistently supported and participated in military operations involving the United States, demonstrating unwavering commitment to its allies.

        Howard emphasized that the submarine deal is not merely a short-term achievement and highlighted the significance of the AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) security alliance, which was formed as a result of the introduction of US nuclear submarines. According to Howard, the broad support from both sides of the Australian political spectrum during the early stages of AUKUS discussions ensured its stable progression.

        Howard concluded by highlighting the evolving global landscape, emphasizing the shift away from the Asia of the past, and emphasizing the need for democratic nations to stand together in the face of challenges, while strengthening their relationships with one another.

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