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What Defines a 21st Century Leader?

Does having a management role in the 21st century make you a 21st century leader?

Eric Roth, the CEO and Managing Director of Roth Leadership has spent 25 years researching and studying about global leadership in various cultures and has prepared a collective handbook on the leadership theories and models of the past 100 years leading up to present day in his upcoming book “The 21st Century Leader”.

Learn more about how to adapt, evolve and lead with purpose in the 21st century in the last part of Eric Roth’s interview in the #AllyshipforGrowth Interview.

What is your response to the rapid pace of change around us? The best response is to learn and adapt. Here is how we can help your organization adapt to ongoing disruptions and thrive amid challenging times through our Adaptive Leadership Signature Program that addresses the past culture, while building the teams’ capacity to create a new future.