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What Leading Change Means In Our World Today

by Samuel Kim

Samuel Kim, President and Co-founder of the Center for Asia Leadership shared his thoughts on what it takes to be the new 21st century leaders in an Op-Ed entitled “What Leading Change Means in Our World Today,” published in The Edge, Malaysia’s best-selling and award-winning business weekly, on October 24, 2016.

Here are excerpts from the Op-Ed:

The world is facing unprecedented challenges—growing income inequality, economic uncertainties, political instability, the refugee crisis, and climate change, among others. Advances in technology have accelerated globalization, affecting the pace at which we work, live and connect with one another.

To survive and thrive in this challenging environment, we need to move away from unconscious living. The evolutionary theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest ’ has never been more true: it is not the strongest who will survive nor the most intelligent, but those who are able to adapt to the ever-evolving global landscape. At the same time, connections and collaborations between people and nations have become more important than ever before. Thus, for the sustainability of themselves, their organizations and their communities at large, leaders must foster a culture of inclusiveness and innovation.

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