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CAL Book Launch – Rethinking Asia 4 & Leadership That Triumphs

CAL Book Launch 2018

Rethinking Asia 4: Why Asia Is Hopeful and Leadership That Triumphs: Moments of Greatness in the Work of Leadership

by Rajeswari Rush Ramanee

The publishing arm of Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives, Acumen Publishing proudly published and launched two books on May 3, 2018 under the titles – Rethinking Asia 4: Why Asia Is Hopeful and Leadership That Triumphs: Moments of Greatness in the Work of Leadership. The Rethinking Asia 4 is the latest addition in the Rethinking Asia series, where the essays contain personal reflection of those who attended the Asia Leadership Treks journeys. On the other hand, the Leadership That Triumphs anthology contains essays written by participants who attended leadership programs under CALI.

Both books invite readers to get into the mindsets, motivations and experiences of 29 authors from 18 countries including Germany, Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. Through the books, readers can gain insights into the authors’ lessons and key takeaways from their participation in various CALI and CAL’s programs that were held across the globe in 2017, targeting youth, scholars and working professionals worldwide.

Opening remarks given by John Lim, Co-founder and Director of International Affairs of CALI touched on a short introduction of the establishment’s history. CALI President and Co-founder Samuel Kim followed with an outlay of what is coming in the future for CALI as a growing leadership center. Sunway Group’s Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah also gave a speech about how success in life was not just about IQ but also our values, principles, passion and character to determine how we fare.

Other notable people who made an appearance were also SEG’s Senior Executive Director, Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Sunway CEO of Education and Healthcare , Dr. Lee Weng Keng as well as Harvard Club Malaysia’s president Tan Sri Lin See Yen. The launch included reading sessions by Mr. Danny Foo from the Sunway Group, Sunway International School students Miss Teh Pei Ling and Miss Khaw Weini as well as Ms. Selma Bardacki, CALI-Atlas Corps Fellow who all contributed to the Leadership in Triumph compilation. The contributors read excerpts from their chapters, recounting their personal experiences and expressing their viewpoints on how their participation in the CALI programs have impacted their leadership odysseys.

The books are a perfect companion for inquisitive readers who wish to unlock their leadership potential as the publications capture the authors’ reflections on discovering the leader within and seeing the world, especially Asia from a fresh perspective.

A cocktail and networking session serenaded by a jazz saxophonist to entertain the guests was arranged to compliment the launch.