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Change-leadership course in Sarawak led by CAL fellows set

KUCHING, SARAWAK – Junior-level managers and working professionals are all invited to benefit from Harvard-inspired leadership principles and practices on change-making through the Executive Leadership School (ELS) from August 20 to 22, 2019 in this city.

“We hope that this [program] will allow them to engage in the complex and challenging tasks encountered in the process of transformation and renewal in their teams, departments, and companies,” said Center for Asia Leadership Co-founder and President Samuel Kim in an interview.

He said junior-level managers, working professionals, government officials, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, with less than 7 years of working experience will benefit from the program which will introduce them to “frameworks of thinking and decision making” taught at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and other world-leading institutions.

The ELS offers participants a career-accelerating learning experience focused on the human side of innovation, a considerable part of which is leadership and initiating change, as well as more technical problem-solving skills like Design Thinking and Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation.

In a highly volatile and fast-changing world, leaders need to grow in both technical expertise and people skills like coaching and mentoring. A recent Harvard Business Review article, for example, cited a 2014 global survey of 1,400 Millennials that showed they want more frequent feedback from their managers. The SuccessFactors-Oxford Economics survey showed that, in fact, Millennials want feedback 50% more often than employees from other age groups.

Featuring a wide range of skills and frameworks, from “Overcoming Immunity to Change” and Leadership Communications to “Negotiating Across Boundaries,” the 3-day ELS will bring together experienced educators from Harvard University who have had experience training and teaching in Asia and Africa. The ELS speakers include Codi Caton, former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer to Ethiopia and international communications coach; Karishma Mhapadi, a Teach for India fellow and education specialist; Sarah Osborne, an international project manager; Stefano Zordan, editor of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership (Italian edition, 2018) and member of the Adaptive Leadership Network; and Haley Burns, speech and debate coach.

Registration for “The Executive Leadership School: Harvard’s Way of Developing a Talent” ends on August 7, 2019. The regular rate of RM3,200 covers meals, teaching materials, and a certificate. All rates are exclusive of 6% SST. The program is also claimable under HRDF. For more information, interested parties may visit http://asia-leadership-2023.local/participate/els-2019-august/

Established in 2014, the Center for Asia Leadership is a group of non-profit organizations that aims to “address social needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training, and publications, all focused on social and public leadership, innovation, and educational practices” by bringing the best of Harvard-inspired leadership principles and practices on change-making to Asia.

Some 36,000 individuals across Asia have joined CAL’s programs — from students to senior- and mid-level managers.

Lee Jeannie & Nirva Delacruz