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Global Change Agent Programs May 2018

On May 18 & 19, Center for Asia Leadership proudly organized the 1st Asia Leadership Forum (ALF) and the Global Change Agent Programs (GCA).The GCA Programs preceded ALF and was conducted on May 18 at the Graduate Centre, Sunway University. Five different leadership topics led by leading experts from Harvard and Stanford faculty presented interactive workshops using frameworks taught in its various graduate schools.

Mid- to senior-level management professionals from sectors such as banking, medicine, construction, education, engineering and IT participated in the five concurrently run programs.

The Global Change Agent Programs showcased topics as below: –

1) Making Difficult Decisions and Handling Moral Challenges, Prof. Mathias Risse, Harvard Kennedy School
2) Re-engineering Sustainability as an Engine for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Christoph Frehsee and Signo Uddenberg,
3) Harnessing Social Networks to Build Power and Lead Change, Prof. Robert Livingston, Harvard Kennedy School
4) Strategically Engaging Audiences to Lead Change, Prof. Steven Jarding, Harvard Kennedy School
5) Leading Innovation by Design, Rajan Patel, Harvard Kennedy School MPA and Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA

Program hours ran from 9 am -5 pm ending with certificate presentation ceremony and a very lively open-to-participants panel discussion where teachers and students shared their experiences of the day.

by Rajeswari Rush Ramanee