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Signature Program: Adaptive Leadership

Embracing Changes for Organizational Survival and Growth

Our Center partners with leading organizations in developing their emerging and senior leaders to tackle their most critical challenges. Our signature programs focus on the areas of adaptive leadership and futures thinking, equipping participants with the mindsets and approaches to move forward in a hyper-uncertain future.


Our Signature Program is designed to help senior leaders in the position of decision-making develop their capacity to exercise effective leadership by designing and driving meaningful transformation within their own communities—workplace and constituencies. Using the leadership framework taught at the Harvard University, participants will learn to manage the process of change by confronting the realities of the (1) Past or Legacy, and (2) Future or Emerging.



  1. Dealing with the Past-Legacy means (a) directing attention to what is broken (things that hold us back or impede us from making progress) in our system, including the self, and (b) repairing it that we have been avoiding to do or neglectful about. The specific activity of leadership in this realm is to embrace necessary adaptations—replacing the old with the new—in our systemic and personal identities, mindsets, and behaviors, so we all could make the right choices of addressing the brokenness with an expectation to see a better desired reality coming head of us.
  2. Dealing with the Future-Emerging means (a) anticipating what our futures may hold, and (b) preparing well for them in advance. The specific activity of leadership in this realm is to build a better system, including the self—our ways of doing things that includes the way we set priorities and goals, plan, operate, execute, perform, make decisions, develop and present product, etc., so we all could continue to stay relevant in times of immense uncertainty and complexity.  

All of these have a common and ultimate purpose of increasing our chances of our survival and growth. In sum, the Signature Program pursues to have organizations and individuals respond constructively and proactively towards driving transformation and building an adaptive culture.

Approach – The Learning Journey

Impact Measurement Mechanism


Our programs are run in either one of these formats.


Through the program, Learners will learn how to

  • Orchestrate a process of adaptive change to achieve organizational survival and growth.
  • Identify systemic and personal barriers to change and a method to overcome them
  • Gain insights of the futures and their impacts, and mobilize teams for advanced preparation.
  • Identify and seize leadership moments solving problems that exists around us
  • Establish a culture of a disciplined collaborative ecosystem
  • Manage competing stakeholders and the (fears of) losses associated with change
  • Use creativity, power, authority, and relationships to mobilize teams for embracing change.
  • Produce the plan using the concepts learned aimed to assist both the organization and self to thrive.
  • Create a personalized leadership action plan to make them more effective and accountable at work
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