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Signature Program: Adaptive Leadership

Embracing Changes for Organizational Survival and Growth

Our Center partners with leading organizations in developing their emerging and senior leaders to tackle their most critical challenges. Our signature programs focus on adaptive leadership and futures thinking, equipping participants with the mindsets and skills to move forward in a hyper-uncertain future.

Adaptive Challenges Call for Adaptive Leadership

Old models of leadership are insufficient to deal with
the complex, interdependent problems that companies face in a globalized world.

In Asia and the world, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has disrupted organizations and industries in unprecedented ways. Today’s leaders grapple with a mix of uncertainty and volatility that will continue as the norm even after the pandemic.

What challenges are you and your organization facing in preparing for an uncertain and volatile future?

Developing a Strong Leadership Pipeline

Aligning & Shaping Organizational Culture

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

Designing a Learning Organization

Shifts in Business Model

Digital Transformation

Today’s leaders need a new framework of leadership in order to respond more effectively to these challenges.


Our Signature Program uses the Adaptive Leadership framework designed to help decision-makers develop their capacity to be effective leaders by designing and driving meaningful transformation for the purpose of future-proofing their organizations and communities.

Developed at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Adaptive Leadership framework challenges mid-to senior-level professionals to think and engage in the mindset and process of continuous organizational change and renewal. In developing the capacity for adaptive leadership and strategic foresight, participants will lead in a way that generates value across different sectors and disciplines and gain the critical skills needed for solving complex organizational problems.

This program helps participants think deeply and broadly about their position of influence, and supports decision makers who are going through such leadership initiatives as guiding their organization through the human challenges of digital transformation or business model redesign; as well as decision makers building a leadership pipeline, managing a multigenerational workforce, and shaping a vibrant organizational culture.

Participants will engage in plenary sessions, professional development sessions, interactive workshops, and case discussions with professors or teaching fellows from Harvard University and other leading institutions.


Whatever your organization’s specific challenges are, the purpose of a learning intervention is to increase your chances of survival and growth. The Signature Program is an emerging and senior leadership program to help companies examine its past legacies and then respond proactively towards creating a dynamic future.

Addressing the Past: Legacies

  • Directing attention to what is impeding individuals or organization from making progress
  • Repairing in the culture what has been avoided, neglected, or ignored
  • Embracing necessary adaptations in personal and systemic identities, mindsets, and behaviors

Creating the Future: Emerging

  • Forecasting trends, drivers, and change signals in one’s professional and organizational future
  • Designing a better system that engages in continuous learning and renewal
  • Staying relevant during times of immense uncertainty and complexity

The Adaptive Leadership Signature Program is offered as a comprehensive five-module course. Preview courses that focus on personal leadership, shaping organizational culture, or futures thinking and scenario planning, among other topics can also be customized for a leadership solution that caters to your company’s specific needs.

Custom Programs

Our Center is uniquely positioned to design and deliver results-driven learning solutions that address your organization’s specific objectives.

Along with our full Adaptive Leadership Signature Program, we also offer courses that focus on specific mindsets and skills based on frameworks from world-leading institutions.

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Negotiation Essentials
  • Becoming a Professional Thinker
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership Communication & Storytelling

Designing Your Learning Experience

Our Center designs learning experiences that address your organization’s unique challenges. We collaborate with your Learning & Development Team in the following activities:

In-person, virtual and hybrid program formats include a variety of teaching approaches and styles:




  • Interactive Lectures
  • Case-Based Learning
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Role Play and Simulations
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Leadership Assessments
  • 1-on-1 or Group Coaching
  • Leadership Journaling
  • On-the-job Action Projects
  • Panel Presentations

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